Canadians talk about Canada’s healthcare system

I’ve often contended that regardless of how well a single-payer healthcare system works in other countries, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work here in the U.S. We have a culture that is very different from any other nation’s, and a unique values system; I believe these factors (among many others) make government-run healthcare a bad idea here.

So I don’t place much stock in arguments about how great healthcare is in Germany, the U.K., or Canada. Nonetheless, it’s useful to note that the Canadians are having their own problems with the much-vaunted healthcare system to our north, as noted in this story in the country’s flagship newspaper, the Globe and Mail.

Credit for finding this gem goes to Daniel Foty’s “More Around the Web” feature on Vermont Tiger.

Some of the key paragraphs of interest include this one:

The glut of surgeons comes at a time when Canada is struggling with long wait times and patients are queuing for years because there are simply too few of them.

…and this one:

Lou Halpern has been waiting almost four years to have deformities on his feet repaired. “It’s absolutely mind boggling,” said Mr. Halpern, 63, the owner of two manufacturing firms in Brampton, Ont. “The impression is that there’s a shortage of doctors. It’s a shame I would have to wait so many years when there are doctors available.

…and this one:

And while hospitals need doctors, they too are struggling to cope with finite funds. Before hiring a surgeon, they typically do an impact analysis to determine how much it will cost.


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