Medicare’s good news continues

A couple of posts down, I juxtaposed the below two quotes about Medicare’s solvency:

“The Medicare trustees report released Thursday found that despite the recession, some Medicare programs are now expected to see substantially reduced costs and remain solvent 12 years longer than reported last year. The trustees report attributed the change to health care legislation passed by Congress in March.”  – Wall Street Journal, Aug. 7, 2010

“[The trustee estimates] do not represent a reasonable expectation for actual program operations in either the short range . . . or the long range.”  – Chief Medicare Actuary Richard Foster, Aug. 5, 2010

And now, we hear from two former Medicare and Social Security Trustees:

“…for the third consecutive year there were no independent Medicare trustees to issue a separate statement. Without them, the Obama administration was able to put forward an unjustifiably positive outlook for the Medicare program and the impact of the health care legislation.”


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